Cintya Soria Hernández

Part-time professor | Tecnologico de Monterrey | Campus Monterrey | School of Engineering and Sciences | Email:

Dr. Cintya Soria, an alumna of Tecnológico de Durango with a degree in Biochemical Engineering, further bolstered her academic credentials with a Master's degree in Food Technology and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Tecnologico de Monterrey. She currently holds the position of a Level 1 member within the National System of Researchers and serves as a professor at the School of Engineering and Sciences at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Dr. Soria's research primarily focuses on identifying new protein sources and developing biomaterials for food packaging. Her work specifically emphasizes enhancing the nutrition of children and women. Her significant contributions span across numerous product developments, including copigmentation studies for Casa Madero's red wines, crafting savory fillings for Gamesa's stila bars, innovating new ACTII popcorn flavors for ConAgra Foods, creating a probiotic sauce in collaboration with Griffith Foods, optimizing piquín pepper pickling process with the Government of Nuevo León-Tec de Monterrey, and formulating a vegetable protein-based beverage for Coca-Cola Mexico. Actively involved in regional industry, Dr. Soria collaborates with companies such as Viva Drink, Seasoning Grills and Sauces, and Sensolab Solutions to improve their product portfolios.

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